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Triton's Trumpet Shells

Triton's Trumpet Shells
We carry commercial grade Atlantic triton's trumpet shells, Charonia variegata, also called Caribbean tritons from 7 inches up to 10 inches in length.  These rich brown colored shells with a wide mouth opening are perfect for making seashell centerpieces are used in coastal home decorating and seashell decor.  Tritons are from the family "Cymatidae".  Triton shells predominantly dwell in tropical and warm waters.  Triton trumpet shells are one of the world's largest living gastropods.  Their shells are mostly thick and solid.  Atlantic tritons are found in the waters in Southeast Florida, the West Indies and Mediterranean.  .
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If you would like to see the exact shell you are purchasing, we have hand selected and photographed triton shells under our category Shells for Decorating Hand Picked Pricing.

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