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Animal Bones Wholesale

Animal Bones Wholesale
 We sell wholesale animal bones for carving and real animal bone for crafts,  including camel bones, camel leg bones, buffalo leg bones, buffalo shoulder blade bones, giraffe bones, animal penis bones and giraffe neck bones and giraffe vetebrae. We also carry the giraffe neck vertebrae sets,and  single giraffe vertebrae. Some of these animal bones for carving and bones for crafts such as giraffe bones and camel bones are used in making knife handles, cane handles, gun grips,  and in taxidermy crafts. These animals either died of natural causes or were harvested in accordance with Governmental culling programs.  We do not provide copies of any of our Customs or Fish and Wildlife documents. A signature is required on boxes valued at $250 and over.
NO International Shipping!  - $100 Minimum Order!
These are commercial grade animal bones - NOT replicas or museum quality. They are natural and will have some cracks, tiny holes, fine lines, chipped edges - these are real!
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Price: $17.00