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Cowries Shells Bulk - Cypraeidae

Cowries Shells Bulk - Cypraeidae
We carry wholesale cowrie shells from 3/4 inch up to 1-1/2 inches in size, including arabian cowrie, egg cowrie, deer cowrie, tiger cowrie shell, purple top cowrie, money cowrie shells, ring top cowries, serpent's head cowrie shells, polished cowries and more.  The cowries, with their shiny shells and astonishing variety of patterns and colors, probably have been the shell family most popular with collectors over the centuries.  The shiny surface of cowries has a mysterious attraction for many people.  The first shell that a new collector is drawn to is almost always a cowrie.  We have an assortment of cowries including tiger cowries, egg cowries, money cowries, ringtop cowries, purple top arabicas, snakehead cowries, purple top tiger cowries, white top tiger cowries, carved cowries, warted egg cowries, arabica cowries, deer cowrys, limacina cowries, compton's cowrie, caurica cowries, cylindrical cowrie and many others.
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