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Sheep Horn, Ram Horns Hand Selected

Sheep Horn, Ram Horns Hand Selected

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Ram Horns: Exquisite Natural Wonders

What makes ram horns a subject of admiration and practical use? Encounter their distinctive spirals, learn about their significance in various cultures, and understand the ethics of sourcing. This article offers a clear path from the majestic peaks of nature to the hands of collectors and creators.

  • Ram horns are valued for their unique beauty marked by diverse textures and shapes, historical symbolism across various cultures, and their quality as judged by visual and tactile features.
  • Ethical and legal sourcing is a priority in the ram horn trade, with Atlantic Coral Enterprise ensuring all horns are legally imported, cleared, and processed before sale.
  • Ram horns have a wide range of applications from artistic endeavors, like taxidermy and sculptures, to functional uses such as knife handles and furniture details, as well as traditional roles in cultural and religious ceremonies.

Discover the Beauty of Ram Horns

Ram horns are a marvel of nature’s design. Each horn is a testament to the individuality of the animal, marked by a wide diversity in texture and shape that contributes to their unique beauty. The strength and distinct curvature of ram horns are characteristics that grow more prominent throughout the ram’s life, adding to their allure.

The Allure of Ram Horns

The aesthetic appeal of ram horns is undeniable. Their features include:

  • Elongated contours, which can measure up to 40 inches in some species
  • Natural imperfections, such as signs of fighting, aging, and indicators of health
  • Unique stories of each ram’s life, enhancing their visual and tactile texture

These qualities make rams’ horns a subject of artistic photography and aesthetic admiration, especially when attached to the head of the ram itself or ewes.

Their unique color and texture, resulting from a keratinous sheath over a bone core, significantly enhance their natural charm. This feature makes them a highly sought-after material for a variety of artistic and functional applications.

Ram Horns in History and Culture

Beyond their beauty, ram horns carry a rich history filled with symbolism and cultural significance. From the Dwennimmen symbol in West African culture, symbolizing strength with humility, to Amun, the Egyptian deity associated with ram horns, these magnificent spirals have been revered across cultures and epochs.

Ram horns have also played a significant role in Jewish religious ceremonies, crafted into shofars that signal the commencement of wars and accompany temple orchestras. Historically, they have been immortalized in artistic forms like carvings and jewelry, serving as symbols of protection and status.

Sourcing Quality Ram Horns: Africa and India

The quest for high-quality ram horns leads us to the farming industries of Africa and India, home to the prized domestic sheep,  These regions provide a rich source of these distinctive Merino sheep horns, cherished for their quality and aesthetic appeal.

Ensuring Ethical and Legal Procurement

At Atlantic Coral Enterprise, we prioritize ethical sourcing and legal compliance. All our ram horns are:

  • Legally imported from South Africa
  • Cleared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Customs
  • We adhere strictly to Federal Regulations, ensuring compliance with CITES and other U.S. laws.

Versatile Uses for Ram Horns

Ram horns exemplify the saying, ‘beauty meets functionality.’ Their versatility extends from artistic endeavors, such as:

  • unique props
  • inlaid crafts in taxidermy
  • furniture legs
  • lamps
  • knife handles

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, ram horns have also been used in the food industry for various purposes.

Moreover, they play a significant role in cultural and traditional ceremonies, crafted into shofars and blowing horns.

Artistic Endeavors

Ram horns have long been a source of artistic inspiration. Amber carvings of ram’s heads from antiquity bear testimony to this enduring artistic appreciation. In the realm of taxidermy, ram horns are employed in a range of intricate processes, from careful skull detachment to detailed cleaning and mounting for display.

Proving their adaptability in modern craftsmanship, ram horns serve as unique elements in furniture and provide ergonomic handles for various tools and knives. Artists highly value ram horns for their:

  • Unique colors
  • Textures
  • Ornamental purposes
  • Sculpture components

Functional Applications

The aesthetic appeal of ram horns is complemented by their robust durability, making them suitable for various functional applications. Knife handles crafted from ram horns provide a unique combination of grip, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making each piece a work of functional art.

When repurposed for furniture legs, lamps, sconces, or cane handles, the size and shape of ram horns are crucial considerations. These factors ensure that the finished product is not only visually appealing but also sturdy and durable.

Traditional and Ceremonial Uses


The cultural significance of ram horns finds expression in religious ceremonies. A prime example is the creation of shofars in Jewish culture. These ancient musical instruments, made from ram horns, are central to various Jewish cultural rituals, especially during the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Beyond these ceremonies, the shofar has historical significance, having been used to announce Shabbat in Talmudic times and even signaled the beginning of Elul. Its resonance is deeply interwoven with the cultural and religious fabric of Jewish history.

Choosing the Perfect Ram Horns

Choosing the perfect ram horn involves a careful consideration of several factors. These include the size of the horns, their aesthetic quality, and their intended use. With sizes varying from 11 inches to 27 inches, there’s a ram horn suitable for every purpose.

Size Matters

Particularly for projects that require specific dimensions, the size of the ram horn is an essential consideration. Proper measurement of ram horns is crucial, with length measured from the base at the skull to the tip. The Records of Exotics Scoring System recommends a method that prevents slack in the tape, ensuring accurate measurements.

Aesthetics and Quality

The visual appeal of ram horns is largely determined by their natural sheen, an indicator of a high-quality horn. The color variation in ram horns can also aid buyers in assessing aesthetics and potential for their projects. Further, the presence of ridges or grooves on the horn’s surface may add to its visual appeal and influence a buyer’s choice.

Considering Intended Use

When selecting a ram horn, its intended use is a vital consideration. For artistic purposes, horns with unique colors and textures are valued. For functional uses such as furniture legs or cane handles, larger-sized and sturdier horns are preferred.

In ceremonial contexts, such as making shofars, certain religious and cultural traditions may dictate the specific type of ram horn required. It’s also essential to ensure the horns are obtained from a sustainable and legal source.

Where to Buy Ram Horns: Atlantic Coral Enterprise

Atlantic Coral Enterprise offers an extensive selection of ram and sheep horns, providing our customers with a wide array of these unique products. Each horn we sell is hand-selected and individually photographed, ensuring that you can confidently choose the exact horn you desire.

Why Choose Atlantic Coral Enterprise?

We are committed to ethical sourcing and legal compliance. All our ram horns are by-products of farming and government culling programs, affirming our commitment to ethical procurement. We maintain all necessary licenses and strictly follow U.S. laws regarding the collection and importation of animal products, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

Ram horns are more than just a part of a ram’s anatomy. They are an embodiment of beauty, strength, and cultural significance, cherished for their unique textures and shapes, and versatile uses. With Atlantic Coral Enterprise, you have access to a diverse range of high-quality ram horns ethically sourced from Africa and India.

Whether you’re an artist seeking a unique material, a collector hunting for a rare find, or a customer looking for functional or ceremonial items, our selection of ram horns is sure to meet your needs. Explore our website today and discover the enchanting world of ram horns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are RAM horns called?

The horns of a ram are called shofar, an ancient musical instrument used in Jewish religious ceremonies. It is made from the horn of a ram or another animal and comes in various sizes and shapes.

What does a ram horn symbolize?

The ram horn symbolizes the heroic faith of the fathers of our people and the highest devotion to God, of which man is capable. Additionally, in some cultures, like in African tradition, it symbolizes the idea that even the strong must also be humble.

Do rams horns break?

Yes, rams' horns can break when they play and fight, often leaving a bloody core. It's not unusual for this to happen in such situations.

Are the horns legally imported into the United States?

Yes, the horns have been legally imported into the United States after being cleared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Customs.


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