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Animal horns for sale and animal antlers for sale, hand selected and photographed priced slightly above wholesale for log cabin d©cor, crafts and making shofars. We carry kudu horns for making shofars, gemsbok horns for taxidermy crafts, sheep horns for making shofars, ram horns, Indian cow horns, water buffalo horns and buffalo horn scales and bone scales and male and female springbok horns, African impala horns, blesbok horns, polished water buffalo horns, polished kudu horns and eland horns. Animal horns and antlers can be used for making antler lamps, antler chandeliers, knife handles, cane handles and in numerous other crafts. Ram horns, kudu horns, gemsbok horns and sheep horns are used in making shofars and also many horn carving projects.
 All our wholesale animal horns are by-products of the farming industry and Governmental culling programs.   We do not provide copies of our import documents.

 Wholesale pricing  is available under the category 
Animal Horns Wholesale Pricing