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Caracal, Wild Cat Skulls

Caracal, Wild Cat Skulls
Real African Caracal skulls for sale, caracal, caracal, hand picked and photographed allowing you to see the exact skull you are buying. The Caracal is a medium sized Felid native to regions of central and northern Africa.  This species is sometimes called the African lynx.  The caracal is a nocturnal carnivore whose diet consists of birds, rodents, small antelope and domestic fowl.  Real African Wild cat skulls (Felis Sylvestris) for sale. The Wild Cat Feeds mainly on small rodents but they also eat small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and other invertebrates. All of our real caracal skulls and wild cat skulls were harvested and cleaned in Africa and imported into the United States under a Cities permit.  The Cities Permit Number for the caracal skulls and wild cat skulls is listed with each caracal and wild cat skull pictured.

We sell wholesale caracal skulls, where we pick the skulls for you. Listed below are also hand picked skulls where you buy what you see in the photo.

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