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Turban Shells - Turbo Seashells

Turban Shells - Turbo Seashells

We carry a wide selection of wholesale turban shells, turbo seashells for hermit crabs and shellcraft and shell collecting. We have tapestry turbos, green turbos, silver-mouth turbans, turbo sarmaticus, rough turbans, gold-mouth turbans, corded turbans, polished turbo shells, pearlized white turbos,and several other turbo shells. Turban shells, family Turbinidae, is a large family of top-shaped shells, an iridescent interior and usually with a shelly operculum that seals the aperature. Several hundred species are known, most from tropical seas. Most species are vegetarians, feeding on marine algae.

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If you want to see exactly what you are buying, we have hand selected and photographed shells under
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