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Warthog Tusks Wholesale

Warthog Tusks Wholesale
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Warthog tusks, ivory for carving wholesale and knife handle material are sold by the pound.  Our wholesale African warthog tusk are measured around the curve of the tusk. If you are looking for ivory for carving, the small size warthog tusk or ivory measures up to 8 inches around the curve of the tusk and the larger measures between 8 and 9 inches around the curve of the warthog tusk. Warthog tusks are knife handle material and are used in carving ivory, making handles for walking canes and for numerous taxidermy craft projects. Warthogs got their names from the bumps on their faces that look like warts. They also each have four tusks, two on each side of their snouts. The upper tusks are longer and curve toward each other. Warthogs are pigs that live in Africa south of the Sahara.
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