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Giraffe Skulls

Giraffe Skulls
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We carry African giraffe skulls, hand picked and photographed so you can see exactly what you are buying.  We have full giraffe skulls which include the top and bottom jaw and also carry giraffe top skulls, without the bottom jaw.  Giraffes live primarily in savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Their extreme height allows them to eat leaves and shoots located much higher than other animals can reach. In particular, they seek out acacia trees. Their long tongues are helpful in eating because they help pull leaves from the trees. Spending most of the day eating, a full-grown giraffe consumes over 100 pounds of leaves and twigs a day. The male giraffe is both taller and heavier than the female. Both sexes have skin-covered knobs, called ossicones, on the top of their heads. Female ossicones are smaller and have a small tuft of fur on top, while male ossicones are bald on the top. These knobs are used to protect the head when males fight, which involves swinging their necks at each other in a show of strength called "necking.¢â‚¬
These are NOT endangered! They were obtained from the government culling program or they died from natural causes - drought, disease, etc.
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