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Hermit Crabs Shells Wholesale

Hermit Crabs Shells Wholesale
Looking for bulk hermit crab shells wholesale? We have a wide selection of hermit crab changing shells, painted hermit crab shells and natural hermit crab shells from 1 inch for small hermit crabs, up to 5 inches for large hermit crabs. We carry hermit crab shells wholesale and hermit crab changing shells in bulk including a wide assortment of turban shells, tun shells, bonnet shells, murex shells, babylonia, conch and fox shells. We also have painted hermit crab shells from 1 inch for small hermit crabs up to 2-1/2 inches for larger hermit crabs. Decorated hermit crab shells are available with a sports ball design, and painted characters design.  We also stock painted murex, painted cantharus, painted bonnet shells and painted nassarius shells.
All bulk packaged shells will contain some shells with chipped edges, tiny holes and imperfections. 
You need to consult with your hermit crab supplier on how to clean and introduce new shells to your hermit crabs.

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