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Augers, Spindles, Terebridae, Ceriths

Augers, Spindles, Terebridae, Ceriths
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We carry auger shells, spindle shells, ceritiums and and terebrae shells wholesale.  The auger shells of the sea snails in this family are typically shaped like slender augers or screws. In that respect they share certain shell characters with the family Turritellidae, the turret shells. One characteristic that distinguishes Terebridae from Turritellidae is the short anterior canal or notch in the aperture of the shell. Terebridae shells also tend to have characteristically flattened versus convex whorls, and they often have one or two plaits on the columella. Numerous species in this family are grouped under either the Terebra or the Hastula genus, and a minority of species are placed in four other genera. Terebridae, the auger shells, have tall, slender, conical shells with high pointed spires and numerous whorls. The siphonal canals are short, sometimes twisted, with a distinct notch at its base. Most have some sort of axial (radial) ribs. Their common name refers to the shell's resemblance to boring drill bits or screws. They are sand-dwelling carnivores. Many have a venomous barb (similar to cone shells) that is used to stun their prey which consists mainly of worms.

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