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Water Buffalo Skull, Bison Skull, Hand Picked

Water Buffalo Skull, Bison Skull, Hand Picked
North American Bison Skulls from the United States, all hand picked. The horn spread is between 22 and 25 inches wide. We also carry Indian Water Buffalo Skulls, with horns 10 to 15 inches measured around the curve of the horns.  Our skulls are 100% Real Commercial Grade Skulls - Not Replicas. We also have number 2 quality skulls at discount prices. Bison are herbivores, grazing on the grasses of the North American prairies. Their daily schedule involves two-hour periods of grazing, resting and cud chewing, then moving to a new location to graze again.
  Listed below are also hand picked skulls where you buy what you see in the photo.

These skulls cannot be exported.

The North American buffalo skulls require a very large box 29"x29"x13".  The UPS billed weight is 66 pounds (NO POST OFFICE SHIPPING).
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Price: $80.00
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