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White-Tailed Deer Skull, Hand Picked

White-Tailed Deer Skull, Hand Picked

Shop our one of a kind white-tailed deer skull, hand picked and photographed allowing you to see what you are buying.  These whitetail deer skulls have been cleaned and whitened and are ready for display. You can choose a spike to an 8 pointer white-tailed deer skull for displaying in your man cave or hunting lodge.   
The White-tailed Deer is found in all habitats, from high mountain forests to coastal marshes. Prime areas are those which have a mix of forest, old fields and active crop lands. The White-tailed Deer is a browser, feeding on leaves, buds, and twigs of wide variety of plants. It also eats acorns, fruits, mushrooms, and many herbaceous plants. Agricultural crops like alfalfa, corn, milo and soybeans are also eaten. Feeding activity peaks are at dawn and dusk. The White-tailed Deer generally beds down during the day, but is occasionally seen during daylight hours. Otherwise this species is primarily crepuscular and nocturnal. Natural predators are bobcats, mountain lions, and coyotes, which may feed on the young. Humans are the predominant predator and many individuals are killed by collisions with vehicles. The White-tailed Deer has a maximum known lifespan of 15 years, but the average is less than five years. This species can also be considered a pest when it inhabits areas close to homes and gardens, for it will eat many kinds of cultivated plants.


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