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Large Shell Chimes 31" to 61"

Large Shell Chimes 31
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Wholesale large seashell wind chimes from 31 to 61 inches in length, made out of cockle shells, nassarius shells, ringtop cowrie shells, sun and moon shells, capiz shells, sea urchin spines and other natural shells. If you are looking for large shell wind chimes, or shell chimes for coastal home decorating or tropical decor, nautical decor or seashell decor, we have a wide selection to choose from. We also have large seashell spiral wind chimes, colorful shell wind chimes, seashell wind chimes made with natural shells and dyed shells and shell outdoor wind chimes and indoor wind chimes made out of dyed seashells and other pretty shells, cut shells and small clam shells. All our shell chimes are hand crafted so you can expect a slight variation in the size of each chime.