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Animal Mounts, Taxidermy

Animal Mounts, Taxidermy
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We have the perfect authentic animal mounts to complete your trophy room, rustic cabin and other interior design projects. Each one of our mounts come from real animals tanned and mounted by professional taxidermists in South Africa using animal by-products of the farming industry and government culling programs.

Taxidermy has been around for centuries as a way to show off hunting spoils, riches or educate people on animals found in other regions before international travel was widespread and accessible. Once popular with naturalists and royals in England and France, taxidermy has grown to include the casual game hunter, the expert collector and the interior designer.

One of the most popular uses of our animal mounts is in trophy rooms dedicated to a hunter's passion for wild game. You may choose an animal mount from an animal you wish to hunt one day, or one from a type of animal you have already hunted and didn't get mounted yourself to mark the achievement. They also fit seamlessly into decorating hunting lodges and rustic cabins. These animal mounts even look great in decor for restaurants with rustic themes and hunting shops or as educational pieces in museums and classrooms.

You may think taxidermy is only for hunting lodges and wild game rooms, but think again. They are a timeless piece in interior design and have been used in many different decor styles from traditional to modern. Trendsetting names like Martha Stewart and Angelina Jolie have been known to have an affinity for animal taxidermy, and these unique conversation pieces stand the test of time.

Our animal mounts include the following animals and more:

  • gemsbok shoulder mounts
  • warthog shoulder mounts
  • zebra shoulder mounts
  • blesbok head mounts
  • red hartebeest head mounts
  • bush buck head mounts
  • nyala head mounts
  • kudu head mounts
  • impala taxidermy mounts
  • wildebeest taxidermy mounts
  • African springbok taxidermy mounts
  • life size monkey taxidermy mounts
  • life size duck taxidermy mounts
  • life size parakeet taxidermy mounts
  • life size jackal taxidermy mounts
  • life size baboon taxidermy mounts
  • life size finch taxidermy mounts
  • life size caracal taxidermy mounts
  • life size genet taxidermy mounts

Each animal taxidermy mount is unique, so the mounting styles vary. You may find some full body mounts on stained wood bases with decorative imitation grasses, while others are on free standing bases made of antlers. Some of our animal heads come mounted on large oak wood hexagon pedestals, and our smaller animals like birds and ducks are often on small oval wooden bases. Many of our monkeys are free standing and even feature the animal in a screeching position.

Because of the uniqueness of these items, our selection of animal taxidermy mounts for sale is always changing. Be sure to check back frequently to see what new animal mounts we have in stock!

Please note that while we do not provide copies of our legal documentation for these animals, we have all the required licensing and all of our products have been legal cleared for entry into the US. Some of our intricate mounts are too large to be shipped via UPS, so you can opt to pick them up at our warehouses or have them shipped to a verified commercial business address via commercial truck line.

Happy hunting!