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Impala Skull, Impala Skulls, Hand Picked

Impala Skull, Impala Skulls, Hand Picked
A wide selection of impala skulls for sale imported from South Africa are available here at Atlantic Coral Enterprise. Impala skull and horns, hand picked and photographed and impala skull plates and horns, hand picked and photographed are available with horns up to 24 inches in length. Impala horns are measured around the curve of the horn using a cloth tape measure -- NOT straight with a wood ruler. All our impala skulls are by-products of the African Government's culling program and farming industry.  All products were professional cleaned and/or professionally tanned in South Africa and cleared by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services and U.S. Customs Services for legal entry into the United States.
$100 minimum order required! NO International Shipping!

We sell wholesale impala skulls, where we pick the skulls for you. Listed below are also hand picked skulls where you buy what you see in the photo.

If you would like to purchase Discounted Grade B or Craft Grade Skulls, check out our category Discount Animal Skulls

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