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Warthog, Hippo Tusks

Warthog, Hippo Tusks

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Wholesale ivory for carving, knife handle material and wholesale ivory from warthog tusks.  Knife handle carvers will delight in our wholesale ivory from warthog tusk imported from Africa.  Carvers and crafters can locate material for ivory jewelry, ivory carvings, ivory scrimshaw, and ivory handles for walking canes.  We sell wholesale ivory from warthog tusk by the pound and by the individual tusk and in bulk lots.  These tusks are measured around the curve of the tusk.  Warthogs got their names from the bumps on their faces that look like warts.  Each warthog has four tusk, two on eash side of their snouts.  The upper tusks are longer and curve toward each other.  Warthogs are pigs that live in Africa south of the Sahara.

These tusks have been obtained from the African government's culling program and have been cleared for legal entry into the United States by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department and U.S. Customs Department.  We do not provide copies of any Cities documents or custom clearance documents. These are real and will have natural imperfections.

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