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Large Sea Shells Wholesale, 5 inches up

Large Sea Shells Wholesale,  5 inches up
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Top Picks for Large Seashells Wholesale - Bulk Buys for Beach-Inspired Decor

Are you looking to purchase large seashells wholesale for your decor projects, event planning, or retail? Finding quality, variety, and affordability is crucial. We’ll guide you through the best options for buying large seashells in bulk, whether you’re an event organizer, a craft enthusiast, or a business owner. Discover reputable suppliers like Atlantic Coral Enterprises, explore the diversity of their shell offerings, and learn how bulk buying can be both cost-effective and creatively fulfilling.

Key Takeaways

  • Atlantic Coral Enterprises is a go-to for bulk large seashells wholesale, catering to various clients and needs with a reputation for quality and an extensive variety of shell types.

  • Large seashells can play multiple roles from enhancing beach-themed decor and events to captivating collectors with their natural beauty and unique patterns.

  • Creative uses for large seashells in decor range from DIY crafts to elegant home accents, with shells being affordable and available in bulk, enriching spaces with their coastal charm.

Discovering Atlantic Coral Enterprises

If you’re hunting for large seashells in bulk, Atlantic Coral Enterprises is your destination. Specializing in wholesale seashell distribution, they cater to a variety of needs - from beach-inspired decor to educational purposes. Not only do they cover a broad spectrum of shells, but they also serve a diverse clientele, ranging from individual enthusiasts to bulk wholesalers.

A Trusted Seller

Atlantic Coral Enterprises has carved its niche in the market, earning a reputation as a trusted seller. Their recognition stems not just from their extensive variety of shells but also from the quality and care taken in selecting shells for their customers. If you’re a bulk wholesaler, Atlantic Coral Enterprises has got you covered.

Wide Range of Products

Atlantic Coral Enterprises offers a diverse selection of sea shells to cater to various preferences. From the vibrant hues of dyed shells to the timeless elegance of naturally preserved ones, their inventory is a treasure trove for shell enthusiasts.

Buying in bulk? They’ve got you covered. The company provides cost-effective bulk buying options, perfect for decorators and event organizers. Plus, their decorative display shells are a fantastic addition to any beach-inspired decor, adding a touch of the sea to your space.

The Beauty of Large Seashells

Large Seashells Wholesale | Illustration of a variety of large seashells on a sandy beach

Large seashells are not just relics from the ocean; they are masterpieces crafted by nature. Their complex patterns and captivating beauty reflect the vast diversity of marine life. The assortment in shapes, sizes, and hues make large seashells intriguing and enticing, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Beach Decor Essentials

Large Sea Shells Wholesale | Cartoon depiction of a beach-themed room with large seashells as decor

Large seashells add a natural texture and calming coastal aesthetic to any space. They are integral to creating an authentic beach ambiance, mirroring the natural coastal environment within your living space.

To maintain elegance in beach decor, it is recommended to use seashells subtly, keeping their natural colors for authentic beauty and shade variation.

Beach Weddings & Events

Large seashells bring a touch of elegance to beach wedding events, contributing to a thematic, coastal-inspired atmosphere. From unique centerpieces to decorative accents, large seashells play a key role in enhancing the theme and ambiance of coastal celebrations.

Imagine a heritage-worthy decoration made from a notable large seashell. Or perhaps a seashell suspended as an ornament in a beach-themed celebration. These creative uses of large seashells not only add to the event’s aesthetic but also make it memorable.

Popular Large Seashell Varieties

Large Seashells Wholesale | Artistic representation of popular large seashell varieties

Atlantic Coral Enterprises offers a plethora of large seashell varieties, including but not limited to:

  • imperial volutes

  • pink conch shells

  • abalone shells

  • giant spider conch shells

  • horse conch shells

  • knobbed whelk shells

  • bullmouth helmet shells

  • turbo marmaratus shells

  • spiny oyster shells

  • murex ramosus

  • green abalone

  • lion’s paws

  • tonna galea

  • melo melo shells

These focused categories are part of their high-quality selection offered at a competitive price.

Imperial Volutes & Murex Ramosus

The imperial volute, known as Aulica imperialis, is native to the waters of the Philippines and is revered for its considerable size, reaching up to 10 inches. This divine conch features:

  • a spine-tipped body whorl with a fine brown check pattern

  • a smooth, elongated profile

  • a wide, golden-lined outer lip

  • a shell often adorned with brown zigzag lines over a cream or pale background

It is a fascinating addition to any collection.

Meanwhile, the murex ramosus, or the branched murex, can reach lengths of up to 13 inches and is recognized for its:

  • hefty, adorned structure with a globose outline

  • short spire

  • slightly inflated body whorl

  • leaf-like, recurved hollow digitations

  • spinose axial varices

The shell’s external color ranges from white to light brown with a typically pink-tinged white aperture, making it an elegant choice for decor or collection.

Green Abalone & Lion's Paws

The green abalone shells are a sight to behold. With an oval shape and a slight wave pattern on top, these shells typically showcase a brown coloration on the outside. But the real beauty lies within. The iridescent interior can range in color from blues and greens to pinks and purples, featuring an ear-shaped structure with a row of respiratory pores, making it an excellent choice for decorative purposes.

On the other hand, lion’s paw scallops are distinctive for their ridged and knobbed shells that vary in color from red to orange and purple. Their size and vibrant colors make them a collector’s delight.

Affordable Prices for Quality Shells

Large Sea Shells Wholesale | Whimsical illustration of affordable large seashells with price tags

One of the key aspects of Atlantic Coral Enterprises is the affordability of their shells. With prices ranging from $1.25 to $11.50 each, they accommodate various budgets. Whether you’re looking for decorative shells for your home or seashell wedding decorations, Atlantic Coral Enterprises has got you covered.

Great Deals on Bulk Purchases

Buying in bulk from Atlantic Coral Enterprises yields significant cost savings, providing better value for larger quantity purchases. Whether you’re an event organizer or a decorator, their wholesale purchasing options for large seashells are beneficial.

Seasonal Sales & Discounts

Stay in the loop with Atlantic Coral Enterprises’ seasonal sale events and discounts on bulk seashells wholesale. From closeout to clearance-priced items, there are significant savings to be had.

To stay informed about new arrivals and special sales, consider signing up with Atlantic Coral Enterprises.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Seashell

Choosing the perfect seashell involves considering factors such as size, color, and quality. Larger seashells can serve as focal points in a design or decor scheme, whereas smaller seashells may be suitable for intricate detailing or smaller displays.

Color can significantly influence the aesthetic coherence of a space, and seashell types should match the complexity of the project or decor.

Consider Size & Color

When selecting seashells, the size and color are key factors to ensure they complement a specific decorative theme or intended use. Collecting seashells with a focus on specific colors, shapes, or patterns enables the creation of a consistent and customized decor approach.

Unique color forms or variations in seashells, a result of phenomena like color polymorphism and frequency-dependent selection, add to their appeal for collection and decoration. These rare and unique seashells tell adaptation stories, making them highly sought after for their unique beauty.

Assess Shell Quality

Assessing the quality of a seashell involves more than just looking at its appearance. Natural imperfections such as small chips or growth lines can indicate that a shell is genuine and has not undergone artificial alterations. A shell without any form of repair or artificial enhancement is considered higher quality, even with imperfections present.

The color and texture of a shell are significant quality indicators; vibrant colors and intricate textures are often more desirable. Similarly, the shine of a shell can reflect its health and quality, with a lustrous sheen indicating a higher-quality shell. Collectors and designers often seek out shells with unique characteristics that set them apart in terms of beauty and quality.

Creative Uses for Large Seashells

Large seashells offer a multitude of creative possibilities for innovative decor. Some ideas include:

  • Wall accents

  • Floating starfish wreaths

  • Arranging diverse large seashells on trays or in baskets to create an appealing decor feature that captivates interest.

Coastal Home Accents

Large Seashells Wholesale 5

Large seashells can be transformed into stunning home decor pieces. Imagine a shell-adorned mirror, a chandelier, or a unique centerpiece for your table. Incorporating seashell shapes in pillows, accent pieces, or placing seashells in ironstone bowls or vintage jelly moulds can enrich your home decor with a beachy vibe without being excessively thematic.

For a more natural decor, display the inherent colors of seashells to highlight the variations in shades rather than painting over them. Supporting local artists who specialize in creating intricate shell-adorned decor pieces not only contributes to the local economy but also offers homeowners the opportunity to feature custom and timeless pieces in their coastal-themed spaces.

DIY Craft Projects

DIY craft projects using large seashells offer unique and stylish decor options. Here are some ideas:

  • Craft ocean-themed toothbrush holders for your bathroom

  • Create seashell-covered mirror frames for a decorative touch

  • Upcycle an old printers tray to showcase a collection of large seashells

  • Make a seashell wreath for a farmhouse or classic coastal touch

Bohemian wall hangings that incorporate large seashells strung together can be hung from pieces of driftwood, providing a crafty and stylish decor option. You could even create hand-poured candles using large seashells, serving as functional decorations or unique gifts that carry a coastal essence.


In conclusion, large seashells are not just relics from the ocean; they are a testament to the beauty of nature, transforming spaces into tranquil coastal havens. Atlantic Coral Enterprises, with its vast variety of seashells, affordable prices, and quality service, makes achieving a beach-inspired decor accessible. Whether you are a collector, a decorator, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of seashells, the possibilities are as vast and diverse as the ocean itself. So why wait? Start your seashell journey today and let the sea come to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Atlantic Coral Enterprises offer?

Atlantic Coral Enterprises offers large sea shells wholesale, big shells in bulk, and display shells, so you can find a variety of options for your needs.

What is the price range for the shells?

The price range for the shells is from $1.25 each up to $11.50 each, so you have a variety of options to choose from.

What are some of the types of shells available?

There are several types of shells available, such as imperial volutes, murex ramosus, abolone shells, green abalone, spiny oyster shells, lion's paws, nautilus shells, mother of pearl plates, tonna galea, and melo melo shells.

Do they offer discounts on bulk purchases?

Yes, Atlantic Coral Enterprises offers significant cost savings on bulk purchases, providing better value for larger quantity purchases. You can save a lot when buying in bulk.

What are some tips for choosing the perfect seashell?

When choosing the perfect seashell, look for ones that match the size, color, and quality you're looking for, and consider natural imperfections as a sign of genuineness.

If you want to see exactly what you are buying, check out our category