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Atlantic Coral Enterprise stands as a premier global importer and distributor, offering an extensive collection and wide selection of wholesale sea shells and sea shell wholesale options. Our inventory encompasses a diverse range of shells wholesale, including bulk assortments of seashells wholesale, kilo bags of various shells, pristine white shells, carefully cut, vibrantly dyed, and naturally preserved seashells wholesale. We specialize in catering to both the needs of sea shell wholesalers and individual customers seeking quantity discounts on a wide array of items.

Commitment to Quality Seashells

Our commitment to diversity and quality extends across the globe, sourcing from various countries to bring you a remarkable selection of seashells, shells for sale wholesale, and bulk shells. You'll find as you shop that our products are ideal for a variety of uses, from creating stunning seashell centerpieces for weddings to crafting unique shell art. Whether you're in the market for large shells or decorative sea shells, seeking to enhance your collection with a variety of white and natural seashells wholesale, or exploring colorful craft shells and bulk shells for seashell décor or shell crafts, our expansive selection of beautiful wholesale shells and our price is sure to meet your needs.

Extensive Wholesale Selection

We pride ourselves on offering a wide assortment of sea shells wholesale, including wholesale large shells, conch shells, murex shells, abalone shells, scallop and clam shells, volutes, melon and nautilus shells, cowries, turban shells, capiz sea shells, and an array of pearlized and polished shells, cone shells, and many more. Our collection of seashells wholesale is available in bulk, with sizes ranging from 1/2 inch up to 14 inches, ensuring that we can accommodate both large-scale projects and individual crafting needs. Dive into our world of seashells wholesale and discover the perfect shells for your next project or collection.

The U.S. Customs Service requires merchandise to have a country of origin label. Our suppliers use "generic" labels to meet this requirement.  All our shells are commercial grade and are real.

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