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Cone Seashells 1 inch to 5 inch

Cone Seashells 1 inch to 5 inch
Assorted wholesale cone shells measuring 1 inches to 5 inches in size. We carry straited cones, marbled cone seashells, virgin cones, distant cones, knobby top cones, leopard cones, lettered cones, soldier cones and others. The 2 inch and 3 inch size will be an assortment  of cone shells and may include violet-base cones, ivory cones, leopard cone shells, general cone shells, marble cones, imperial cones, textile cones and other cone shells.  The 5 inch size will be primarily violet-base cones.
$100 minimum order - NO International Shipping!
All bulk packaged shells will contain some shells with chipped edges, tiny holes and imperfections.
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