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Carved Coconuts

Carved Coconuts
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Think pool party decorations and luau décor.  These cute wholesale carved coconut monkeys, coconut heads, carved coconut turtles, fish, frogs and ducks are handmade and painted in the Philippines.  We stock coconut carved turtles, coconut bears, carved coconut monkeys with rum bottles, coconut mom and baby monkeys, coconut monkeys playing guitar and coconut monkeys holding bananas, coconut octopus with moving arms and more.  Coconut birdhouses are a huge hit and hard to keep in stock.  Carved coconut monkeys and other creatures have always been a great souvenir for tourists especially in island and coastal beach shops.  Also they make a perfect novelty gift for all ages.

$100 Minimum Order - All Prices Are Wholesale.
NO International Shipping.