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Bone, Horn Knife Scales Wholesale

Bone, Horn Knife Scales Wholesale
We sell wholesale knife handle material made from real animal horns and animal bone including horn knife scales, horn blanks, bone knife scales, bone blanks, dyed buffalo bone, jigged buffalo horn knife scales and jigged buffalo bone. We carry knife handle material including polished buffalo horn scales, buffalo horn blanks and buffalo bone slabs, buffalo bone blanks and sheep horn scales and sheep horn blanks wholesale. Buffalo horn scales and bone scales and blanks along with sheep horn scales or  sheep horn blanks are knife handle material used for making hidden tang knives, optical frames, tiles for inlaid furniture, gun grips, and in many other inlaid crafts. 
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If you want to see exactly what you are buying, a wide selection of hand selected and photographed bone scales and horn scales is available under the category
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