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Beaver Skull, Hand Picked

Beaver Skull, Hand Picked
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Price: $18.00
Real North American beaver skulls for sale, hand picked out of our large inventory.  Each Beaver Skull has been cleaned and is ready for display; however, some may be off-white in color and have small patches of discoloration. Additionally, most have had their jaws glued shut with hot melt glue.  Property damages caused by beavers can be quite extensive. Their dam building skills can lead to flooding. They also wreak havok on trees causing damage to bark and branches. Additionally beavers can disrupt the local ecosystem and transmit diseases. Beavers live 5 to 10 years in the wild and are the largest living rodents in North America. Beavers are generally monogamous and mate for life. They usually only take a new partner after losing one, but occasionally practice other mating strategies. Beaver families range from a kit-less pair to 10 animals, averaging 6 members in any given family. Juvenile beavers generally remain with parents until 2 years of age, at which point they disperse to start their own colony, though they may remain nearby if resources are abundant. Beavers have large, sharp, upper and lower incisors, which are used to cut trees and peel bark while eating. The incisors grow their entire lives, but are worn down by grinding them together, tree cutting, and feeding. The beaver's incisors (front teeth) are harder on the front surface than on the back, and so the back wears faster - this creates a sharp edge that enables a beaver to easily cut through wood.
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