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Hippo Ivory Tusk Hand Picked

Hippo Ivory Tusk Hand Picked

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We carry hippo ivory, hippo tusk and have hand selected and photographed a selection of ivory and offer them for sale. Hippo Tusk is a type of ivory for carving and is available in curved hippo tusk, long straight hippo tusk, long curved hippo ivory, semi curved hippo ivory, short straight hippo ivory and toe nails.  Ivory for carving from a hippo tusk or hippo ivory is used in making jewelry and in making  inlaid  ivory knife handles. The hippo tusk of the lower canine is curved and has a triangular cross section; the hippo tusk of the incisor is straight and has a circular cross section.  Hippo ivory does not have a thick enamel coating.  Hippo ivory is denser than elephant ivory, harder to carve, and has a finer grain.  Hippo ivory has concentric rings in cross sections and hippo ivory is less prone to decay than elephant ivory.

This is the last shipment of hippo tusks that will be allowed into the United States. YOU NEED TO CHECK WITH YOUR STATE AGENCIES TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALLOWED TO POSSESS THIS PRODUCT IN YOUR STATE.  Every State is the US has different regulations.
  Our hippo ivory for carving was purchased from the African Government's Culling Program and was imported under a Cities Permit.  All hippo tusks were cleared for legal entry into the United States by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and U.S. Customs Department.   We do not furnish copies of any of our documents. 
 $100 Minimum Order!  - NO International Shipping!