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Seashells Hand Picked

Seashells Hand Picked
Browse our selection of hand selected good quality large shells and extra large seashells for decorating,, all priced slightly above wholesale.   We have hand selected collector shells including large triton trumpet shells, large ramose murex, large crowned baler melon shells, turbo marmoratus, imperial volutes, large tonna galea shells, large frog shells, lion's paw shells, giant spider conch shells, chank shells, bullmouth helmet shells, pink conch shells, spiny oyster shells, king helmets, large queen helmets and yellow helmet shells.  All of our hand selected shells are of good quality; however, they are not perfect.  They are all 100% Real shells - not replicas.  They will all have natural imperfections from living in the oceans and aging.

You are buying the shells shown in each of the categories listed below.  Carefully review all photos.

All of these shells are available at wholesale prices under our category 
Large Shells, 5" up. 

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