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Thick Porcupine Quills

Thick Porcupine Quills
We have hand selected and photographed these fat or thick African Porcupine Quills. Thick, or fat.  The thickness will vary within the packs; however, they are all fat/thick quills.  African porcupine quills are used in American Indian crafts and are perfect for hair sticks. Quillwork is perhaps the oldest form of embroidery used by Native Americans. Quills were folded, twisted, wrapped, plaited and sewn using a wide range of techniques to decorate articles of clothing, bags, knife sheaths, baskets, wooden handles and pipe stems. Quillwork has been, and continues to be used to decorate the basketry of various Native American tribes.
These are real African porcupine quills. The quills are VERY SHARP!!!
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