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Semi-Polished Buffalo Horns, Natural Cow Horns

Semi-Polished Buffalo Horns, Natural Cow Horns

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Semi-Polished Water Buffalo Horns with visible ridges and Natural Cow Horn and Raw Cattle Horns, in sizes starting at 12 inches all the way to 28 inches.  We also carry buffed cattle and cow horns with a sandpaper like finish and without any visible ridges. We have hand selected and photographed all of these buffed, semi-polished and natural cow and buffalo horns for customers wanting to see exactly what they are buying.  These buffed, natural and semi polished cow and buffalo horns vary in color, shape and size and are used for cabin decor, rustic decorating, in making knife and cane handles, for carving, making animal horn jewelry and in making inlaid instruments.

 The horns are measured around the curve of the horn with a cloth tape measure NOT straight with a wood ruler.  Some of these horns have a tiny patch at the tip of the horn where a hole was drilled to release the pressure and allow the inner bone to be removed.  These are real horns -- NOT replicas.  They will have natural imperfections -- scars, indentations, blemishes, etc.  These are nice horns.