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Abalone Shells Hand Picked

Abalone Shells Hand Picked
Large abalone seashells for display, hand selected and photographed for sale.  We have hand selected and photographed large green abalone, pink abalone, red abalone, polished green abalone and polished pink abalone shells.  Abalone smudge bowls and sage smudge bowls are made from several types of abalone shells.  These abalone shells can be used for smudging and for display.  All of these abalone are 100% natural commercial grade and real (not replicas).  They will have natural imperfections from living in the oceans and aging.  All of these abalone  are very nice shells - but ARE NOT perfect. None are "specimen grade".
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If you want to buy abalone wholesale and don't need to see exactly what you are buying, check out our category Abalone Seashells in Bulk.

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