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About Atlantic Coral Enterprise, Inc. & Worldwide Wildlife Products

We are a Direct Importer and Sell Wholesale Only!

You will need to bring a copy of your current business license or state sales tax certificate in order to shop in our showroom. You can shop on line WITHOUT sending us a copy of your business license. Worldwide Wildlife Products is our subsidiary! We are not connected with any other company. We are located in St. Augustine, Florida. U.S.A.  We DO NOT have any other location.  

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Atlantic Coral Enterprise, Inc. and Worldwide Wildlife Products is a worldwide importer of container loads of merchandise from around the world. We are not connected with any other company, although several people and companies are using our photos and business information, without our approval.  We sell wholesale seashells, wholesale starfish, seashell jewelry wholesale, seashell wind chimes, wholesale sea shell novelties, seashell  jewelry boxes,  wholesale seashell chandeliers, wholesale seashell Christmas ornaments, animal skins wholesale, animal bones, animal mounts, animal horns, animal skulls wholesale, African ostrich eggs, and MUCH MORE!  There is a $100 minimum order on this website and each item has a minimum quantity requirement.  For purchases of less than $100, visit our website 
We are a family owned business. In 1971 Paul started as a commercial collector of tropical fish and seashells and sold to other wholesale companies. Shortly thereafter he opened Atlantic Coral Enterprise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and began importing seashells and seashell novelties from around the world. He soon outgrew that location and 20 years ago expanded the business to Saint Augustine, Florida and closed the much smaller Fort Lauderdale location. He moved into a 88,000 square foot complex in Saint Augustine and continued to expand the business. In 2004 he started selling wholesale animal products from Africa. In December 2018 we started our online discount retail website  There is no minimum and we have a wide selection of skulls, skins, hides, scrimshaw gifts, ostrich eggs, seashells and seashell gifts, and more!

Whether you cater to customers looking for seashell décor, seashell Christmas ornaments, seashell jewelry, seashells for weddings,  natural and white starfish, sand dollars or nautical gifts, you will find a vast selection of large decorative seashells, bulk seashells, hermit crab shells, nautical décor, seashell wind chimes, alligator heads, shark jaws and shark tooth necklaces at Atlantic Coral Enterprise. If you are a beach gift store, we have a wide selection of wholesale beach supplies including body boards, skim boards, and beach towels for your customers, all at wholesale prices.

We are wholesale only and have a minimum order of $100.00 and also each of our items have minimum quantity purchase requirements. You must provide us with a copy of your current State Sales Tax Certificate or Business License.  All business accounts must bring a copy of their current State Resale Tax Certificate for the current year or pay 6.5% sales tax, no exceptions. Our wholesale customers are welcome to come in during business hours and shop. We supply carts for customers to hand pick their own items, or one of our employees will gladly assist you. We sell wholesale to beach gift shops, flea market vendors, home-based businesses, crafters, manufacturers, teachers, smaller wholesalers, home decorators, wedding organizers, hotel and convention organizers.

The majority of our shells and animal products are by-products of the seafood and farming industry. The shells and animals are harvested for their meat. We only carry beautiful commercial grade quality seashells and animal products. We do not carry perfect "specimen” grade seashells or animal products. 

Buy With Confidence!

We are used to dealing in large volumes. We have daily UPS, USPS and Truckline pick-ups.

All our products have been cleared for legal entry into the U.S.A. by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department and U.S. Customs Department. We have all required Federal and State licenses. All merchandise will have a tag marked "Made in the Philippines," "Made in India," etc. This does not mean the item is manufacturered - this tag indicates country of origin as required by U.S. Customs.