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Wholesale Blesbok Skull Plate with Horns - $29.00 each; 5 @ $26.00 each

Wholesale Blesbok Skull Plate with Horns - $29.00 each; 5 @ $26.00 each
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Wholesale commercial grade African blesbok horns on skull plates for cabin decor , Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi. These blesboks horns on skull plates have horns that vary in size from animal to animal. Blesbok horns are measured around the curve the horn NOT straight with a wood ruler. 
You will receive blesbok horns and skull plates similar to those shown.  No 2 will be identical.  The horn sizes and shape will vary.  These are from wild blesbok and will have natural imperfections for fighting and living in the wild.
These are real blesbok skull plates and horns - NOT replicas and will have imperfections caused by the animal living in the wild, and may include cuts, scratches, scars and blemishes. 

These have been cleared for legal entry into the United States by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department and U.S. Customs.  We have all required State and Federal licenses.  We DO NOT furnish any documentation regarding these blesboks.