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Alligator Jewelry, Souvenirs

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We have a wide selection of wholesale alligator jewelry including alligator tooth necklaces in bulk on black leather cord.  Also available are large alligator tooth pendants with silver caps and tiny silver gators, all made with large gator teeth We also have gator foot necklaces wholesale.  We also carry wholesale alligator feet and alligator tooth key rings for collectors of weird and unusual items.   Alligator jewelry including alligator tooth necklaces with 1 inch to 3 inches alligator tooth pendants and large gator tooth pendants and gator foot necklaces are great gifts for gator fans and collectors of weird and unusual items.

All jewelry is made with real alligator teeth - NOT replicas!
We have hand selected and photographed a large selection of large alligator teeth, additional alligator tooth pendants and bulk alligator teeth for people wanting to see exactly what they are buying.  These are perfect for making necklaces and are available under our category Alligator Teeth