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Arrowhead and Keyhole Sand dollars

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Arrowhead and Keyhole Sand dollars

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We sell wholesale bulk arrowhead sand dollars and Mexican keyhole sand dollars measuring  from 3 inches up to 5 inches for making sand dollar gifts, for  painting and sand dollar art.  These have been bleached white and are ready for making sand dollar gifts,  sand dollar crafts, wedding favors, making seashell Christmas ornaments or as part of your seashell decor.  Sand dollars are used in making a sand dollar mirror, sand dollar wreath, seashell beach weddings favors  and in coastal home decorating  These beach shells can be found on the shallow sand flats. 
Sand dollars are extrememely fragile and are shipped seperately or are put in seperate boxes inside a larger box increasing the shipping cost substantially!!Our sand dollars are all natural and some will have imperfections. You will receive some sand dollars with chipped edges and natural blemises . Allow for a 20% breakage rate!
$100 Minimum Order! - NO International Shipping!
**We do not send replacements for broken sand dollars.**