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Abalone Shells Wholesale
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Commercial grade wholesale abalone shells in bulk of the Haliotidae family of green abalone are used as sage smudge bowls and measure from 2 inches long to 8 inches long .Wholesale pink abalone shells, Haliotis corrugata,  measure between approximately 2 inches to 6-1/2 inches long. Pink abalone have a highly corrugated shell and because of this they have an alterate name, the corrugated abalone and are used as a smudging shell. The rough outer layer of the pink abalone has been polished exposing beautiful greens, silvers and undertones of blues in these shells.    The highly iridescent inner layer of the shell of abalone has traditionally been used as a decorative item in jewelry, buttons, and as inlay in furniture and in musical instruments such as guitars, etc.  The shell is also polished and sold for seashell decorating and used in shell crafts and making inlaid knife handles, tables and jewelry.

All of our green abalone are nice commercial grade quality - NOT museum quality. They are real. The backs will have cuts, scrapes, holes, scars and blemishes.  Some of the edges may be chipped.  The interiors are beautiful shades of greens, blues and silver with black accents. Some have a clear glaze.

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