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Thorny, Knobby Starfish

Thorny, Knobby Starfish
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We carry small, medium and large wholesale Azteca starfish, thorny starfish, also called knobby starfish or chocolate chip starfish or sea stars from 1 inch up to 12 inches. Thorny starfish, knobby starfish, Azteca starfish or sea stars are heavy starfish with a large middle disk and five big arms radiating out and have knoblike projections over the entire surface.  The numerous bumps on these armored starfish make them a unique starfish to use in starfish crafts. If you need small starfish, large starfish or starfish for crafts, we have a large selection to choose from.
These starfish are real.  You WILL receive some starfish with broken knobs, chipped arms, scratches, cuts and natural imperfections. These starfish are sun dried -- they have not been sealed or treated!  They are thick starfish and will have an strong fishy odor.  The odor will subside after being aired out for a period of time.  However, the odor will not fully disappear -- these are real sun dried thick starfish!