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Seashell Wall Decor, Ship Wheels

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Seashell Wall Decor, Ship Wheels
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Are your customers asking for wholesale seashell wall decor or beach scene wall decor and wooden ship wheels to decorate their beach house?  Our wholesale seashell wreaths come in 12 inches, 6 inches and 4 inches sizes. Our Nautical wooden ship wheels come in 18 inches, 24 inches and 30 inches sizes. Each ocean scene and beach scene wall d©cor, shell d©cor, and shell wreath is hand crafted out of real seashells..Our seashell wreaths are made with colorful pecten and scallop seashells, green turbos, brown chullas conchs, strawbery strombus conchs, diana conchs, small cowry shells and numerous other colorful shells from the Pacific oceans. Ocean scene wall decor, beach scene wall decor and shell wreaths are perfect for customers looking for beach house decor.  They look great in a bedroom, bathroom, patio or den.  They make great gifts for family and friends who share the love of the ocean.
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