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Conch Shells, Fox Shells Wholesale
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A large selection of wholesale conch shells, wholesale spider conch shells, bulk conch shells and fox shells are available for shellcraft projects and shell collecting including bulk hawk wing conch, king crown conch, bulk strombus conch, silver conch, fighting conch, brown chulla strombus conch shells, slit back pink conch, flighting conch, strawberry strombus conch shells in bulk, white canarium dog conch shells and white chulla strombus conch shells. These bulk conch shells are from the families, Fasciolaridae, Busycon, Crown, Fighting, Horse, Melongenidaes and Strombidae. True conchs are from the family Strombidae.
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All bulk bags of shells will contain some shells with chipped edges tiny holes and natural imperfections and there will be gravel like pieces in the bottoms of the bags.