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Discount Animal Skulls, Craft Grade Skulls

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Purchase one of our Grade B cheap animal skulls and discount animal skulls with slight damage or discoloration or one of our craft grade animal skulls for sale cheap.  All our Craft Grade Cheap Animal Skulls have low pricing and some damage. Choose to buy a grade number 2 quality with slight damage, a craft grade skull or cheap animal skulls for sale, perfect for skull painting and skull crafts.  Some of these cheap and discount animal skull have noticeable worm holes, damaged skulls, no teeth, larger than normal patches, larger than normal drilled holes, greatly discolored (more than normal), etc.   We sell wholesale animal skulls, large animal skulls and small animal skulls. All our animal products are by-products of the African, Indian and Finland Government's culling program and farming industry. All products were professional cleaned and/or professionally tanned in South Africa, Finland and India and cleared by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services and U.S. Customs Services for legal entry into the United States.

All of these skulls are DAMAGED or DISCOLORED  more than normal and have been discounted.