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Wildebeest Skins, Hides

Wildebeest Skins, Hides
Hand selected and photographed black wildebeest skin rug, blue wildebeest hide rug and black and blue wildebeest hides, Grade B quality, imported from South Africa. A black wildebeest hide or blue wildebeest hide, skin is perfect for an animal skin furniture throw, animal skin wall decor and animal skin rug. A blue wildebeest hide and black wildebeest hide rug will have small imperfections due to the natural aging process and living in the wild. They are by-products of the African Government's culling program and farming industry. All products were professional cleaned and/or professionally tanned in South Africa and cleared by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services and U.S. Customs Services for legal entry into the United States.
$100 minimum order required! NO International Shipping!

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