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Shell Box, Seashell Jewelry Boxes

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Shell  Box, Seashell Jewelry Boxes
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Wholesale seashell jewelry boxes and shell box covered with small mixed natural shells are perfect for coastal home decorating and make great shell gifts. We carry a round shell box, oval seashell jewelry boxes, a rectangle and heart shell box hand crafted and covered with small mixed natural shells.  We also have large rectangle seashell covered boxes and heart shell jewelry boxes covered in white seashells including cockle shells with a black felt interior.  Our shell box is hand crafted out of small white shells and small mixed natural shells including real scallop shells, umboniums, purple mouth drupa shells, tiny nassa, nutmeg shells and many other beautiful seashells. Shell jewelry boxes are one of our best selling items and if you have a beach shop or souvenir and gift shop you cannot afford to be without this profitable retail item.
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