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Buffalo Skulls and Skull Plates - Hand Picked pricing

Our Products: Animal Skulls for Sale > Animal Skulls with Horns for Sale Hand Picked Pricing > Buffalo Skulls and Skull Plates - Hand Picked pricing
Buffalo Skulls and Skull Plates - Hand Picked pricing
North American buffalo skulls, bison skulls from the United States.   Bison are herbivores, grazing on the grasses of the North American prairies. Their daily schedule involves two-hour periods of grazing, resting and cud chewing, then moving to a new location to graze again.
Water buffalo skull plate and horns with a horn spread between approximately 14 inches and 21 inches. These water buffalo skull plates and horns were imported from India and have been professionally cleaned and are ready for display.   The water buffalo or domestic Asian water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is a large buffalo found on the Indian subcontinent to Vietnam and Peninsular Malaysia, in Sri Lanka and in Borneo.
African water buffalo skulls with a horn spread of 35 inches and up.Cape buffalo, also called African buffalo, the largest and most formidable of Africa’s wild bovids (family Bovidae) and a familiar sight to visitors of African parks and reserves. The Cape buffalo is the only member of the buffalo and cattle tribe (Bovini) that occurs naturally in Africa. (The forest, or red, buffalo, S. caffer nanus, a much smaller and less familiar subspecies, inhabits forests and swamps of Central and West Africa.)

The North American buffalo skulls require a very large box 29"x29"x13".  The UPS billed weight is 79 pounds (NO POST OFFICE SHIPPING).  The Cape Buffalo CANNOT be shipped UPS.  Truck line shipments only.

If you need bulk buffalo skulls at bulk pricing, check out our category Wholesale Buffalo Skulls

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