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Are you a shop owner in a coastal town who is in need of wholesale beach towels for your customers? We sell a wide variety of wholesale beach towels that are stylish and practical. Having a pool party and need lots of towels?  Check out our bulk pool towels that are perfect for drying off after your swim and lounging around the pool afterwards.   We have a varied assortment of design styles to fit everyone’s needs, such as wholesale Florida beach towels, wholesale Shark beach towels, wholesale striped beach towels, wholesale flamingo beach towels, wholesale tie dye beach towels, wholesale pirate beach towels, wholesale lighthouse beach towels, wholesale sunset beach towels, wholesale dolphin beach towels.  Our wholesale bulk beach and pool towels are 30 inches wide and 60 inches long.  These wholesale towels are Fiber Reactive Velour and are made of 100% cotton. Some of these beach towels come with a hanger. Fiber reactive dyes form permanent covalent bonds with the cellulose fiber in cotton. This enables the towels to stay bright for years.  Fiber reactive dyes are permanent dyes.  Unlike inks, they do not rest on the fabric or coat the fabric; they chemically unite with the molecules that make up the fabric.  They become part of the fabric. Our wholesale and bulk beach towels are perfect for Florida beach shops and Florida souvenir and gift shops.


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