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Fallow Deer, Elk Antlers

Fallow Deer, Elk Antlers
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South African Fallow Deer Antlers or fallow deer horns (Dama Dama) are measured from the base of the horn using a straight ruler to the highest point of the horn. And are used in taxidermy crafts such as carving horn, making furniture and wall sconces.  These African fallow deer antlers will vary in size and shape.  No 2 will be identical.    
The fallow deer is a Eurasian deer that was a native to most of Europe during the last Interglacial  However, it was introduced to South Africa.  Fallow deer adapted extremely well to the South African environment with access to savanna grasslands and particularly in the cooler climate ranges such as the Highveld.The male fallow deer is known as a buck, the female is a doe, and the young a fawn. Adult bucks are 140 to 160 cm (55 to 63 in) long.
   All our fallow deer antlers are from wild African deer and will have natural imperfections from the natural aging process and living in the wild.  This animal was cleared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Customs for legal entry into the U.S.
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