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Melon Shells Wholesale
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We carry the Indian volute shells wholesale also known as melo melo shells in sizes ranging from 5 inches up to 7 inches. We also carry the Philippine Crowned Baler Melon Shells, melo aethiopica, in sizes 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch and 11 inches.  These Indian volute shells, melo melo and Philippine crowned baler melon shells are orange decorative shells  perfect for coastal home decorating .  Melon shells are used as centerpieces for beach weddings.  The  large shell of Melo melo and Philippine crowned baler have a bulbous or nearly oval outline, with a smooth outer surface presenting distinguishable growth lines. The outside of the shell  is commonly pale orange, sometimes presenting irregular banding of brown spots, while the interior is glossy cream, becoming light yellow near its margin and this shell has no spines.   This volute is known to produce pearls. The melo melo pearl has no nacre at all, unlike the pearl of a pearl oyster.  The melo pearl is created by the mollusc in the same way as other pearls are created by other molluscs.  This volute is often collected for food by local fishermen. The shells are also often used as decoration, or as scoops for powdery substances in local markets. The shell is also traditionally utilized by the native fishermen to bail out their boats, therefore it is commonly called "bailer shell".

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