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Horn Mug, Bowl, Glass, Tray

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Atlantic Coral Enterprise is your source for all housewares made from cattle, cow horns. These handcrafted cattle horn mugs, trays, drinking horns, bowls and utensils imported from India will transport you back to bygone eras of Viking and medieval times and are made from real cow horns. Because these are not replicas and each animal is different, each piece of cattle horn houseware will be different in the patterns, marbling and colors will vary between each one-of-a-kind piece. The variations are what make them unique!

Drinking vessels made from animal horns have been around for over 2000 years and have been found in many different cultures, from ancient Greece to Rome and of course, the Scandinavian culture most people think of when they think of drinking horns. Our cattle horn mugs and drinking horns call back to these cultures of yesteryear and are perfect for reenactments, Viking enthusiasts and medieval times hobbyists.

For those looking to add a historical piece of drinkware to their cabinets, you can trust our experts here at Atlantic Coral Enterprise to pick out your cow horn mugs and glasses wholesale in bulk, or you can browse through dozens of individual horn mugs and glasses to choose the one that fits your preferences with our horn mugs and glasses hand-picked.

We carry rustic horn mugs that look like something you would find on a Viking ship as well as polished horn glasses that show off the gorgeous coloring of each horn, and semi-polished mugs that accentuate the unique texture of each horn. Some of the mugs and glasses have brass trim, while others have a traditional carved criss-cross design in them. The mugs feature a horn handle while the glasses have a more sleek design.

If you are looking to expand your cow horn collection in your kitchen, you can buy a surprise variety of cattle horn housewares in bulk when you purchase cow horn trays, bowls and spoons wholesale. You can also view photos of each individual buffalo horn tray, buffalo horn bowl and buffalo horn spoon to choose the unique markings you like best with our  horn trays, bowls and spoons hand-picked pricing.

These horn bowls and trays vary in shape, size and coloring. We carry long, narrow cow horn boat shaped trays which are great for centerpiece arrangements on tables, as well as smaller trays and bowls that are great for holding earrings on your vanity or mints on a side table. For a truly artisanal piece, look no further than our decorative hand-carved and hand-painted leaf shaped bowls and trays. When it comes to utensils, you can find horn soup spoons,  horn slotted spoons,  horn sporks, and horn tongs.

And finally, you can truly immerse yourself in Scandinavian culture with a Viking drinking horn. We will pick the perfect assortment of drinking horns for you when you purchase polished or carved drinking horns wholesale. You could also choose to go on the hunt to personally select your favorite Viking drinking horn by checking out our polished or carved drinking horns hand-picked section. Many of our drinking horns are self-standing, and you can even choose polished cow drinking horns that are already mounted on a wooden base. We also carry decorative drinking horns engraved with a wolf or antique buffalo drinking horns. Other options include rustic-style carved drinking horns and fully polished horns.

Whether you are looking to attend a medieval fair or pay homage to your Norse ancestry, we have the perfect cow horn mug or drinking horn for you. Step back in time and explore your options!

Please note that these authentic cattle horn items cannot be exported, so no international shipping is provided.