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We have a wide variety of hand selected and photographed animal skulls for sale and skull plates priced slightly above wholesale for people wanting to see exactly what they are buying. We carry springbok skulls and horns, impala skulls and horns, kudu skulls, black and blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, waterbuck, nyala, buffalo skulls, gemsbok skulls and horns also called oryx skulls and many more from Africa, India and the United States. Perfect additions to your "Man Cave" or hunting lodge. We have small animal skulls  including North American coyote skulls, skunk skulls, beaver, bobcat, mink, mongoose, rabbit, badger, fox, opossum, otter,  raccoon skulls, African warthog skulls, zebra skulls, monkey skulls, genet, hyrax, mongoose, giraffe and others. All our animal skulls are real - NOT replicas. They have been cleaned in either the United States, Africa or India. We have all required licenses.  These skulls CANNOT be exported.
$100 minimum order! NO International Shipping!

Bobcat, lynx and fox skulls cannot be shipped to California.

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