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Discounted Ivory

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Discounted Ivory
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Shop our online store to buy Craft Grade and and Number 2 quality warthog tusk and hippo tusks all with imperfections. Some of the ivory for carving have large cracks, holes in the tusk, is dried out or has other imperfections. Warthog tusks and hippo tusks, ivory for carving, is used in making knife handles, in the art of scrimshaw, for carving and in other taxidermy crafts.

 You are buying the warthog tusks or hippo tusks shown in the pictures.  All have imperfections (chips, cuts, cracks, breaks, etc). View all photos and read all descriptions.

NO International Shipping! - $100 minimum order!

Each box valued at $300 and over will be shipped insured,  "Adult Signature Required".

If you want to see exactly what you are buying, we have a wide selection of hand selected and photographed hippo tusks and warthog tusks, ivory for carving, sold individually, in 2 piece lots and in 5 piece lots under the category Ivory for Carving